FC Beat Gallery. Jefferine Jean-Jacques The passionate photographer and aspiring photojournalist was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area. She is the proud mother of three boys who keep her actively engaged daily, and a project administrator for a large consulting firm in Connecticut. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively over the past five years, documenting the phenomenal beauty of various cultures throughout the world. Jean-Jacques’ photo-journalistic style seeks to place unsung global stories at the forefront of her artistry. “My lens is drawn to opportunities that offer a peek into the subject’s world. My travel fuels my photography just as my photography fuels my travel, and I strive to transport the viewer momentarily into a cultural experience that he or she might otherwise never encounter. It is my sincere hope to convey with my work simple yet complex moments in time, which to me, represent the multifaceted dimensions of life.” jefferinejjphotos@gmail.com