On the Avenue A TRIO OF CONNECTICUT CHEFS VISITS SOME OF NEW YORK’S MOST  ICONIC ITALIAN FOOD MAKERS FOR A BEAT-STYLE FIELD TRIP TO THE BRONX. A rthur Avenue, The Bronx. 10:30 a.m., October 22. It’s an idyllic fall day, sweater weather, and we’re on a field trip with two of The Beat’s favorite chefs. Our mission: An Italian-American food-fueled adventure. As we arrive in New York on this fair Tuesday morning and park on 185 Street at the edge of the central hub, the nostalgia is palpable. The neighborhood seems plucked from another time, its history absorbing our group as characters who’ve stumbled onto a Chazz Palminteri film set.  The Beat is traveling with the impossibly beautiful and talented Megan Palmer Rivera, executive chef at Palmers Catering and Events and Palmers Market in Darien, and Pat Pascarella, chef-owner at the charming and popular Bar Sugo in Norwalk. Along for the ride is Pascarella’s sous chef-cousin-honorary-little-brother, Pat Siciliano. The camaraderie is instant among the three – they will discover their parents have a history – and the instant laughter and good cheer kicked off during the car ride from Connecticut will punctuate the entirety of the day.