REPORT FROM MIAMI:  ART BASEL 2015. BY JAHMANE. photos: Dooley-O. T hough water is an extremely important element in the world of art, when it’s pouring in bucket-loads from the skies during one of the biggest art happenings in the world, it kinda puts a damper on things. Yet, Art Basel Miami 2015 was still a must-see, globally attended, week-long presentation of multiple arts fairs, gallery exhibitions, and fashion and music events for artists, collectors, and anyone willing to have their minds blown by the infinite expressions of creative genius that culminate during this annual celebration of the arts. If you don’t already know, Art Basel was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1970 as a modern and contemporary art fair attracting an international audience of artists, collectors and curators who sought to push the envelope of arts and culture. In 2002, Art Basel Miami was launched, with Hong Kong following suit in 2013, and it has since become the go-to annual arts oasis, held during the first week of winter. As an artist from the chilly northeast, the event has been my refuge, a chance to re-up and recharge for the past several years.