Look Out For The Blind Rhino! A bold new sports bar hits the Sono scene. I tʼs 5:30 on an NFL Sunday at The Blind Rhino in South Norwalk, and a boisterous crew of frustrated Giants fans are engulfed in an intense final round of halftime shuffleboard scrimmage. They clutch their pints of SweetWater IPA while the “Halftime Report” and Rangers matchup play overhead. The smoky aroma of cider-braised pork belly sliders wafts over from the next table. As the puck slowly skids across the sandy table for a photo finish, it scrapes a dry spot, loses its momentum, and stops just at the edge of the table, giving the opposing team the three points they needed, leading to a burst of cheering and celebrating and a low chorus of moans from the defeated. By R.J. Scofield • photos by Dylan Cross