The New Biz on the Block. While Spinnaker takes a chance on three new upstart retailers at the HSW Building, the retailers take a chance on Bridgeport.BY JAHMANE. PHOTOS BY DONAVEN DOUGHTY. For years, the city of Bridgeport has been “on the verge” and The Beat has been covering and encouraging its rise for over a decade. I’ve personally written several stories over those years about the diverse gem that is this city. Countless people have contributed their blood, sweat, tears, and lives to helping Bridgeport take its rightful place on the gold coast. Regardless of past stigmas, fairly or unfairly earned, Connecticut’s largest city is destined to become one of the state’s most prominent cultural beacons. It’s finally starting to happen…in Bridgeport. As part of a mass of arts and entertainment options, three new ventures, Collab Exchange, KidzKandi Vintage, and BLVD Karaoke have planted their small business flags in the once vacant HSW retail spaces on Main Street, promising to add fuel to the city’s creative fire. #bridgeport #collabexchange #bldvkaraoke #kidzkandi #spinnaker #hsw