Chef Kamal Rose. Two years ago, the executive chef at Tribeca Grill joined one of his mentors from the New York City hot-spot to cook at Harlan Publick in Sono By Wendy Logan. W hen Kamal Rose started his externship at the Tribeca Grill in New York City at age 17, he was the youngest protégé the renowned restaurant had ever brought into its kitchen. “I wasn’t even allowed to chop chives for an entire year,” he laughs. Fifteen years later, having worked his way up through the ranks, the kid who wasn’t good enough to chop the chives became Tribeca Grill’s executive chef. Today, as executive chef at South Norwalk’s Harlan Publick, he muses on the irony that the garde manger (“keeper of the pantry”) who judged his skills insufficient all those years ago is still holding the same job. Harlan Publick. Stephen Lewandowski.