Shots Fired. It’s a headline seen all too often in Bridgeport, but a group of film and photo buffs is trying to transform its meaning.  by Jahmane. It’s hard to remember how we existed before likes, hashtags, follows, and apps ruled our collective consciousness. The pros and cons of social media are a subject that can be endlessly debated. While many yearn for simpler times, one can’t deny that the worldwide web has made both our immediate and global environments more accessible. A four-man creative crew from Bridgeport has used it to find each other and unlock the infinite potential at their fingertips and through the lenses of their cameras. In fact, if it weren’t for Instagram, you probably wouldn’t be reading this story, and the dynamic connection between Brandon Smith, Donaven Doughty, Gary Judkins and Daniel Recinos would have been missed, along with millions of others made on the net. #100fromtheline.