Real Deal Tortillas. Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill serves up organic, non-GMO corn tortillas made in-house every day. At Geronimo in Fairfield and New Haven the flavors of the southwest are on blast, with corn playing a starring role. The restaurants now serve only fresh-daily, organic, non-GMO corn tortillas as the base of many of their dishes…tacos filled with smoked buffalo brisket and hatch chile sauce or yellowfin tuna with jicama-papaya-mango-mustard sauce, nachos topped with elk chili, or pork pibil. Chef Franco Camacho, a native of Mexico, has been at the helm of the Geronimo kitchens (along with that of the New England seafood-themed Shell and Bones in New Haven) for several years and his roots feed seamlessly into the culinary genre of the southwest. He’s become a student of the history of the area’s cuisine, putting his own signature on the menus. But when it comes to tacos, he says, whether from Mexico City or Santa Fe, New Mexico, “It all starts with a good tortilla.”