Award-Winning Italian Cheese, Generations in the Making. The Beat visits East Haven’s  Calabro Cheese for a tasty lesson  in cheesemaking and a family’s history  of the craft By Wendy Logan. An Hour in the Life of a Cheesemaker Frank Angeloni does not waste a moment. He’s polite, accommodating, and on a tight schedule. Slight and wiry in his lab coat, his large, kind eyes peer out from under a shower-style cap. He hasn’t expected to give a tour of his 55,000-square foot facility, so he hurries to provide booties and caps and robes to his marketing manager and me. The tour is a whirlwind through a maze of enormous warehouse rooms outfitted with all manner and size of imposing, hissing, booming, stainless steel equipment in action. There are massive, bubbling vats and baths of steamy, cloudy liquid, carts and racks of finished product and product in various stages of completion, and a busy shower-cap-and-lab-coat bedecked crew hard at work.  #EastHavenCt #Calabro #Calabrocheese