A Tapestry of Tulips. Colorblends house & spring garden. Schipper & Company. Tim Schipper. O ne day, Norwalk and Bridgeport-based artists Jahmane and Michael Johnston were working on a mural on Main Street in Bridgeport when they noticed a man across the street. The man seemed curious about their work and Jahmane signaled him to come over and check it out.  The man was Tim Schipper, owner of Schipper & Company, a Dutch company established in 1912 and world-renowned for its exceptional quality tulip and spring flower bulbs. The company had just bought the building at 1163 Main Street and was preparing its development as a retail-residential space but for now it was still boarded up. Chatting with the artists, Schipper admitted a passion for graffiti and street art and by the time their conversation was over, he had commissioned them to paint over the boards in front of the building, adorning it with art as the construction process got underway. When the building was completed, he took his commitment to the arts and his new community a step further. He donated the structure’s ground floor gallery space to the artists for mixed-use arts exhibitions and events. The Blends Gallery is now up and running and finding its focus downtown. #colorblends #schipper&company #jahmane #michaeljclocks #bridgeport