THE ART OF ARIK. The beloved chef “turns” his talents to a new creative outlet. BY WENDY LOGAN • PHOTOS: JOHN SHYLOSKI. The space that Arik Bensimon occupies at a table at Fat Cat Pie Co. on a rain-swept and hideously chilly March Monday is steeped in quiet calm. The well-known-and-loved Fairfield County chef, who has made an impressive name for himself via celebrated restaurants in New York City (Picholine, Le Cirque) and Fairfield County (napa & co., The Spread, Le Farm) is handsome and slight of frame. He exudes a softness, a sensitivity that seems reserved for particularly soulful artists. If you sit with him long enough, though, a restrained but discernible edge, an intensity at first barely perceptible, becomes defined, the equal but opposite mark of the creator.