The Music Never Stopped:20 Years Of The Acoustic…and Counting. Dave Lowrie. Ask yourself: Where was I on January 1, 2000? Like many party people, hopefully waking up in a safe place, slightly hungover, with the lights, cable, and internet still functioning. Like Prince sang, we partied like it was 1999, but the next morning we all exhaled a collective sigh of relief. In late September of that same year, well ahead of the curve, a cutting-edge music bar opened in the gritty, undiscovered, underdeveloped Black Rock neighborhood. Artists and the arts always seem to find their place in nascent settings, and the club’s original team took a leap of faith similar to other urban pioneers, from SoHo to SoNo, with The Acoustic Café, now simply The Acoustic. Landing in what was then a kind of no-man’s land, with a spirit of peace and love combined with the chutzpah to take hold, today The Acoustic is celebrating 20 years of live music. #theacoustic #theacousticcafe #willvega #richfranzino #davidwebster #jamescotton #blackrockct #bridgeportct #livemusic #FuzzSangiovanni #mysticbowie #phillesh #marcusking