Bats Out of Yelp. A Successful Restaurateur Battles The Demons Of The Internet. BY MATT BACCO. Shine a flashlight under the bed, and they vanished. Monsters were different in those days. The fiends we face now are larger, more elusive, and far more harmful than the twelve-eyed, tentacled nightmares from childhood. In 2019 there’s a monster under the bed of every restaurateur. While we sleep it gnaws at our dreams and pants hot, venomous breath on our faces. I’m talking about Yelp reviews and their nasty little cousins on Facebook and Google.  The Blind Rhino. Norwalk. Sono. Black Rock. #blindrhino #southnorwalk #blackrockct #blackrock  #monsters #onlinereviewers #yelp #sportsbar #buffalowings