Masochism, Pride, and Adrenaline! Rocking Out The Nightmare Of Building A Bar by Matt Bacco. I  would wager that nine out of ten folks who eat out or drink at happy hours have thought fancifully—for at least one fleeting moment—about opening their own joint. It would be the best! The place would be packed!  After all, you’ve come up with a great new idea that nobody has done yet. Everyone will love it. You’ve been to so many restaurants! You could totally do it! You could do everything your way. “Take it or leave it! This is how we do things here!” How hard could it be? We’ve all seen the burger prices downtown. These owners must be filthy rich! It’s all cash! Heaps of paper!. The Blind Rhino. Sono. Balck Rock. Casey Dohme. Jamie Pantanella.