Cocktail pARTy by Wendy Logan. Photos by John Shyloski. Duvian Montoya. Jahmane. Torrance York. Constance Old. Robert Cottingham. Palmer's Darien. Barcelona Stamford. Barteca. Saltwater Sono. Fountainhead Wines.  W ith all elements blended, a location serving as canvas, and a palette splashed with eclectic guests and trappings, a party morphs into an entity of its own. When it's my turn to host, I'm going for something a little sparkly. I strive to create THAT party...the one everyone is still talking about after the hangover wears off.  Since, at The Beat, we adore a great gathering and we’re always looking for fun ways to show our love for music and the arts, for fall, we enlisted the help of a couple of artist-curators then did some curating ourselves to turn an evening cocktail event in to a salon-style pARTy. Our selections for the celebration depicted on the following pages are plucked from a well-regarded group of artists and culinary professionals. If you wanted to, you could create one of your own using the contact info provided at the end of the pictorial. But in truth, you need only reach out to a single artist or craftsperson that you know, compile an eclectic guest list, use our fun approach to creative pot luck, and POW! Sparkly stuff.